Marantz Introduces New 8K Ultra HD AV Surround Pre-Amplifier

Featuring 11.2 Channels of Balanced and Unbalanced Pre-Outs, Masterful 8K HDMI Connectivity and Marantz’s Signature Musicality, the AV7706 is the Ultimate Foundation for an Immersive Home Entertainment System

Marantz Introduces New Entry Level Integrated Amp and CD Player

The PM6007 and CD6007 Pairs Classic Marantz Musicality with a Variety of Sound and Connectivity Upgrades for Enthusiasts

Marantz Introduces New 8K Ultra HD Slim AV Receiver

Enjoy the Industry’s Most Musical Sound from the Low-Profile Marantz NR1711 AV Receiver

Marantz Introduces New 8K-Ready AV Receivers

VISTA, Calif. (July 7, 2020)Marantz®, the number one Hi-Fi brand in the world , today announced the latest additions to its SR-Series AV receivers, the SR5015, SR6015, SR7015, and SR8015. Designed to deliver impactful and nuanced home cinema and listening experiences, the 8K-ready AV receiver line offers the most musical sound from any source, including home theater, vinyl and streaming media. Like all Marantz products, the 2020 SR-Series AVRs are extensively tuned by world-renowned acousticians at state-of-the-art facilities, producing Marantz’s unique audiophile-quality sound. This, paired with the AV industry’s latest array of technologies, enables more immersion, visual beauty and detailed power than ever before.


Denon and Marantz Owners Will Enjoy the Benefits of Roon’s Graphically Rich Subscription-Based Music Management Capabilities When Connected to Certified Devices

A Day in Hollywood with Marantz

“It was super nerve-racking. Like, I didn’t know what to expect. And then I see the room and I’m like, oh yeah, this is going to be legit.”


Any time a knowledgeable audiophile visits the Marantz website or looks at any of its resources, they see the signature three words: "Because Music Matters." But what does it truly involve to both embody and enact that stance? And how does Marantz make it more of a philosophy? A closer looks shows that the answer is found in two key figures who are integral to the company's history.

Jazz Through The Ages — Part I: Transcendence Out of Oppression

Over the next several posts, we’re exploring Jazz through the ages in an effort to further crystallize this essential and transcendent music genre — one we hold in high regard as it relates to the discerning audiophile listening experience and overall enjoyment of Marantz products. Part 1 endeavors to explore the impetus of jazz and the beginnings of its global import, while also shining a decadal light on Marantz in the home.

For Love of Music: The Legacy of Ken Ishiwata

Few individuals possess an ear for the fidelity and signature musicality of Marantz more than Ken Ishiwata. His work contributes greatly to the reputation of pristine musical reproduction that Marantz has achieved among discriminating audiophiles all over the world.

Consistency Is Key: How to Best Wire Your Own Setup

The importance of speaker quality cannot be overstated — but the configuration and setup of your surround sound speakers is equally crucial. Without a properly wired home theater, speaker performance suffers, and you miss the full immersion of your favorite films. Leave nothing to chance — instead, take every precaution to ensure perfect sound for your entertainment.

Marantz at CEDIA 2018 New Technology and Tribute to an Audiophile Legend

CEDIA 2018 was a standout moment for Marantz. A new three-dimensional sound format for home cinema, IMAX Enhanced was debuted and demoed with the Marantz AV8805 Pre-amplifier — which happened to take home a 2018 EXC!TE Award. The EXC!TE Award — or Excellence in Custom Installed Technologies and Electronics — honor products that provide the greatest innovation and power to the in-home experience. To pay homage to legendary Marantz sound engineer Ken Ishiwata, two new Marantz products were revealed — the PM-KI Ruby Amplifier and SA-KI Ruby Super Audio CD Player. Both models have been specially tuned by Ken Ishiwata and his team, and are laser-engraved with his signature.

Do You Need a Pre-amplifier, and Why?

For those in the midst of assembling a home audio system, one component that raises a lot of questions is the pre-amplifier. After all, if you already have a powerful amplifier and quality speakers, why do you need another piece of equipment? In a high-performance AV separates setup, a pre-amplifier plays a crucial role. It's important to understand its function and what to look for when purchasing one.

Say Hello to Your New AV Receiver The Advantages of Voice Commands

Technology advancement in home theater continue to impress. Where ultra high-definition television brought unprecedented detail to visuals, and 3D object-based audio delivered new levels of impact and immersion, it’s voice control that’s changing everything. And an advanced AV receiver with this functionality adds next-level convenience and fun to your home entertainment system.

Selecting Your Next AV Receiver by the Numbers

If you're in the market for an AV receiver and don’t have much experience reading back panel specifications, you may find yourself looking at a spec sheet with numbers that might seem confusing. For shoppers who don't already have a solid grounding in home audio technology, reading these specifications to find the right component for them can be a struggle. With a little guidance, choosing a home theater receiver can be a simpler process. Here are some of the questions to ask when shopping for a potential receiver.

Marantz AV8805: 13.2 Channel Pre-Amplifier Redefines Home Cinema

The Marantz AV8805 pre-amplifier sets a new standard in audiophile home cinema. With 13.2 channel processing and full 4K Ultra HD, the AV8805 supports virtually any high-resolution multichannel audio format, including the latest surround formats from Dolby Atmos, DTS:X and Auro-3D. Our proprietary current feedback HDAMs enhance music for a superior listening experience, plus whole-home audio and voice-control make the AV8805 a must-have for serious cinephiles. Here’s what you can expect from the Marantz AV8805:

3 Signs You Need a New AV Receiver

Sometimes we all need a change, and when it comes to selecting a new AV receiver, there's no time like the present. Upgrading your receiver brings fresh excitement into your home theater, opening up new possibilities to enjoy high-quality audio and video. Here are some good reasons to start thinking about refreshing your home audio setup.

Frequency Response Numbers Don't Tell the Whole Story

If you're shopping for a new AV receiver or speakers, you may find yourself studying the curve on a frequency response chart. To make the right choice for your needs, it's important to understand how the specifications of your new audio equipment will affect performance. Frequency response numbers can be quite revealing, but you should also consider the context behind these figures and decide accordingly.