Inspire Your Passion for More Music with HEOS Connectivity

Marantz has been the true audiophile's hi-fi brand of choice for more than five decades. Our dedication to intricate quality design and craftsmanship fostered the development of receivers that immediately caught the attention of the market as far back as the mid-1950s due to their sterling sound reproduction that expressed every nuance of customers' most beloved recordings. Elements from our original flagship receiver line have become staples of modern hi-fi design for this very reason.

Why Should Your Audio Setup Include Voice-Control Features

The appeal of voice-activated digital aides that perform numerous tasks — and smart homes equipped with such functionality — is undoubtedly on the rise, led by Amazon Alexa, Apple's Siri Home and the Google Home assistant. This technology's popularity varies in individual consumer-product areas, but if the fast-paced nature of tech advances in the past decade are any indication, we will find voice control more fully integrating into our lives sooner rather than later.

Acoustics Lessons from the World's Greatest Music Venues

Designing the ideal home audio system is equal portions science and art. You’ll be best served by paying as much attention to technical specifications as you do to factors contingent on aesthetic appeal, like speaker placement. Unless you plan to renovate your living room entirely, proper placement will affect acoustics and sound dispersal more than anything else.

How a Digital-to-Analog Converter Impacts Your Audio Systems Performance

Digital music formats are ubiquitous — even the staunchest vinyl supporter can admit that there's a lot of appeal to holding your entire music catalog in the palm of your hand or hosted on a server.

Your Guide to Automatic vs Manual Turntables

Vinyl record collectors go digging in crates of albums to find great music in a format that fully captures the dynamics of the original performances and provides a warm tone. To capture the nuances of your favorite tunes, you need a turntable that's up to the task. Which begs the question — would you rather have an automatic or manual turntable in your home audio setup?

Why We Still Love Physical Media for Our Music

Digital media has allowed us to enjoy our favorite albums virtually anywhere, and the explosion of quality streaming sites means you have immediate access to an unlimited selection of tunes — whether you prefer to dig into the deep cuts from a longtime favorite artist or dip your toes into an entirely new genre. Nonetheless, many music fans remain focused on physical media as their primary way of listening.

The Audio Advantages of Belt-Drive Turntables

There are many details that go into a great turntable, from a properly weighted tonearm to an attractive finish. However, one of the most basic questions to consider when deciding on a new addition to your home audio setup is whether you prefer a belt or direct-drive turntable. Each design has its advantages, but in most cases, music fans will find that a belt-drive turntable consistently delivers the best results for sound quality.

Achieving the Most Detailed Sound Through Your Headphones

If you're a music aficionado who prefers listening through headphones over speakers, you're likely passionate about catching every nuance of your favorite songs as well. You might know and savor the subtle differences between each studio take of Miles Davis's "Flamenco Sketches" or various live renditions of the Grateful Dead's "Playing in the Band." The true headphone obsessive knows there is no substitute for listening to high-resolution audio with an advanced headphone amplifier.

What Hyper Dynamic Amplifier Modules Do for Your Home Audio

The circuitry and craftsmanship that go into a home theater receiver make all the difference in the sound quality it produces. With the right technology on your side, you can enjoy a deep, immersive experience that captures every nuance of your favorite movies and music. The Hyper Dynamic Amplifier Modules (HDAMs) incorporated into Marantz Hi-Fi components contribute to the superior performance of Marantz technology, setting these products apart for decades.

Analog Versus Digital Amplifiers: In Search of the Best Sound

Your home audio setup should reflect your personality and preferences, supported by the features needed to get the best sound quality possible. Selecting the right amplifier can make a huge difference in your results, so carefully consider what model suits your needs. One key factor in your choice is also a long-running source of debate among audiophiles: Do you favor analog or digital amplification?

4 Features to Look for in a Digital Receiver

When you're researching a new digital receiver for your home audio and theater system, you have a wide range of options. The question is, which AVR will ultimately allow you the versatility to enjoy all your favorite entertainment, coupled with exceptional sound quality? As you shop for home theater receivers, look for these key features: