Marantz: A Beacon for Hi-Fi at CES 2019

An assessment of the perennial audio bloggers would have you believe CES 2019 was not a good year for Hi-Fi, and you’d be right. This year the Venetian suites were quieter than they’ve ever been — all associated puns intended — which is a true shame. However, ever-committed to the industry, Marantz made a big splash at the show. We demonstrated the purity of our 40th Anniversary edition Ken Ishiwata Ruby Series Integrated Amplifier and SACD Player alongside Definitive Technology Demand Series bookshelf speakers. Listeners were met with the warm, clean sound only Marantz amplification and source components can provide. This, together with the outstanding imaging and detailed sonic signature of Definitive Technology won over listeners and kept people in their seats throughout the show.

Jazz Through The Ages, Part II: The Rise of Swing and the Birth of Cool

Over the next several posts, we’re exploring Jazz through the ages in an effort to further crystallize this essential and transcendent music genre — one we hold in high regard as it relates to the discerning audiophile listening experience and overall enjoyment of Marantz products. Part 2 takes a deeper look at the cultural and economic shifts in the 1920s that gave way to a new era of jazz — one that was marked by the underground of Prohibition and the escapism of a generation marred by economic distress.

CES 2018: Marantz Remasters Home Theater with AV8805

During the 2018 Consumer Electronics Showcase, Marantz unveiled the latest in masterful home cinema — the AV8805, a 13.2 channel pre-amplifier. Unrivaled by any other pre-amp, the AV8805 is the first in the world to feature 13.2 channels and full 4K Ultra HD network support, plus integrations with Dolby Atmos, DTS:X and Auro-3D. It has already generated excitement amongst HiFi enthusiasts and other press in the audiophile community.

Gift with Excellence: The Audio Sommelier Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays are here, and it’s time to find those ideal gifts for the audiophile or cinema-buff in your life. Marantz understands that those who enjoy the finest audio qualities music has to offer also possess discerning tastes and want gifts that may be rare editions or little-known, but critically appreciated finds.