How to Achieve the Most Immersive Auro-3D Experience

With continuing advancements in surround sound technology, mastering an immersive home theater experience is more accessible than ever. The latest audio formats support more channels and are capable of creating a layered soundscape that captures an incredible range of sonic details.

The Design for Truly Premium Performance

True audiophiles continuously seek to enhance their home listening environment and capture every detail of a musical performance with precise imaging. The right combination of HiFi components and speakers creates an ideal listening environment, projecting a soundstage where the listener can experience every note as it was meant to be heard. The audiophile's quest for perfect sonic reproduction is what drives the advanced design of a reference-quality audio system.

What Is an Audio Return Channel (ARC)?

Since the introduction of HDMI 1.4 in 2009, the digital audio/video interface has included a link called an Audio Return Channel (ARC). If you're putting together a home theater system, you may wonder about the purpose of this feature and whether it makes a difference in your sound experience. ARC does in fact provide advantages that can make your setup simpler and more flexible.

Selecting the Best Cables for Your Home Audio System

When you're striving to get the best possible experience from your home audio system, every detail counts. And using quality cables to connect your hi-fi components, AV receiver and speakers makes a significant difference in the end result. Whether you prefer sticking to old-school analog connections, or want the latest and greatest in digital cables, the right audio and video connections can elevate all aspects of your entertainment.

Finding the Ideal Speaker Configuration for Your AV Receiver

Speaker configuration is a vital factor in achieving the best results from home entertainment systems. You'll get consistently great audio experiences by suiting the arrangement of your home theater speakers to the features of your AV receiver, the space you have available and your personal preferences.

4 Steps for Getting Amazing Turntable Sound

If you're passionate about achieving fantastic turntable sound, you're certainly not alone: The vinyl record revival is still going strong in the U.S. and other key regions in the world, too. According to a report from Nielsen, 2016 saw music enthusiasts buying 13 million new copies of releases in the format, marking 11 straight years of sales growth.