Gift with Excellence: The Audio Sommelier Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays are here, and it’s time to find those ideal gifts for the audiophile or cinema-buff in your life. Marantz understands that those who enjoy the finest audio qualities music has to offer also possess discerning tastes and want gifts that may be rare editions or little-known, but critically appreciated finds.

We’ve hand-selected our favorite vinyls, films, cutting-edge equipment, audio accessories and anthologies that music or movie lovers of this caliber would want to add to their home. If you know one of these audio sommeliers — or if that person happens to be you — use this guide as a reference for presents that define sonic perfection.

For the Refined Audiophile

No.1 — Marantz Engineer Vinyl Favorites
Our Marantz engineers hand-selected a few of their favorite albums to listen to on the Marantz TT-15S1 turntable. These records hail from an era in music that saw some of the greatest innovations in music recording and were mastered for vinyl.

Thriller, Michael Jackson | What’s Going On, Marvin Gaye | At Folsom Prison, Johnny Cash

No.2 — Amazon Echo Dot
Stream music with any HEOS-enabled Marantz AVR and Amazon Alexa. Simply say, “Alexa, play The Valkyrie in the Living Room” and take flight with Wagner.

Purchase Amazon Echo Dot

No.3 — Audiophile-Grade Music Cables
You won’t be able to discern the full ability of Marantz turntables and amplifiers — nor extract the best quality from the music you’re enjoying — without high-grade audio cables. Our Marantz engineers recommend Evergreen by AudioQuest for good reason.

Purchase AudioQuest Evergreen Cables

No.4 — Performance Audio Storage Towers
These audio storage towers by BDI are customized to please the eye and keep your precious components, media, LPs and more organized and accessible. They’re feature adjustable interior compartments, flow-through ventilation and satin-etched glass tops that are scratch and fingerprint-proof.

Purchase BDI Audio Towers

No.5 — Demand Series Bookshelf Speakers
Highly-anticipated Demand Series bookshelf speakers are the latest in audio innovation from Definitive Technology. Each of the three models feature modern design, a unique laterally offset tweeter and impeccable audio imaging — the perfect upgrade for those seeking the latest in speaker technology.

Purchase Demand Series by Definitive Technology

No.6 — LSiM 703 Bookshelf Speakers
LSiM 703 bookshelves by Polk Audio offer an expansive audio experience that transports you to the moment the track was recorded. It employs a 3-way driver system for crisp, detailed highs, and natural, lifelike midrange with accurate, dynamic midbass.

Purchase the LSiM 703 Bookshelf Speakers by Polk Technology

No.7 — Taschen Musical Anthologies
Limited-edition books detailing the private life of some of the greatest artists of all time, collections of sought-after album covers and never-before-seen photographs of Dylan, Bowie and the Beatles are curated and available for purchase at The Taschen.

Purchase Taschen Books and Photography

No.8 — Anti-Static Turntable Mat
Crafted by hand in America, this anti-static turntable mat is made of a buttery soft deer hide that allows records to turn smoothly, and even improves the sound quality of the vinyl. Customer reviews reveal it to have a more than satisfying impact on your music while also enhancing bass, detail and warmth.

Purchase Leather Anti-Static Turntable Mat

For the Cinema Connoisseur

No.1 — Modern Classics for Dolby Vision
These contemporary classics are meant to be experienced in rich, perfect clarity with Dolby Vision on a Marantz SR7012 AV Receiver — which also supports Dolby Atmos and Auro-3D for an immersive audio experience. Our sound engineers picked these three titles for their intensity and beauty. You can’t fully appreciate them until they’re experienced in Dolby Vision, Atmos and Auro-3D.

The Martian | Sicario | Enchanted Kingdom

No.2 — Amazon Echo Dot
Switch between inputs (Blu-ray, DVD, Media Player, etc.), turn the volume up or down and more with your voice when you purchase an Amazon Dot and HEOS-enabled Marantz AVR. Say it and Alexa does it.

Purchase Amazon Echo Dot

No.3 — High Speed HDMI Cables
Fully enjoy the latest in cutting-edge picture features with AudioQuest Cinnamon HDMI cables. They’re rated “high speed with Ethernet,” meaning they carry the highest-resolution and video available, up to 4K at 60 frames per second.

Purchase AudioQuest Cinnamon Cables

No.4 — Elegant Media Cabinets
Keep your home listening environment free of clutter with stately credenzas by BDI. They offer the right combination of form and function to house your AVR, Blu-ray player, sound bar and other media devices with a tasteful, dignified appearance. Our design team selected the below credenza for Marantz customers especially.

Purchase the BDI Corridor 8179 Credenza

No.5—BP9080X for Dolby Atmos/DTS:X
The BP9080X features a powerful forward focused Bipolar array for wide and immersive sound dispersion, 12” integrated powered subwoofer and dual bass radiators and Intelligent Bass Control for enhanced bass and tonal balance. You haven’t truly experienced Dolby Atmos or DTS:X until you’ve watched a movie with these speakers.

Purchase the BP9080X by Definitive Technology

No.6 — Timeless Movie Scores
Combine your love for masterful compositions and great cinema with a movie score from the John Williams collection at Hal Leonard. Whether you prefer the formidable timbre of Star Wars and its Imperial March or the sorrowful violin from Schindler’s List score, you’ll find the movie tracks that stir you.

Purchase John Williams Signature Series

No.7 — Lost Treasures of Film
Marantz customers appreciate the works of film that are sometimes overshadowed, lost or forgotten in the wake of big Hollywood budgets. Dedicated to gathering the greatest films from around the world, The Criterion Collection curates a selection of movies known as The Eclipse Series. These films are those little-known masterpieces that offer a cinematic retrospective for the adventurous home viewer.

Purchase Films: The Eclipse Series

No.8 — Plants for Sound Dampening
Certain plants serve a purpose beyond aesthetics. Large, leafy plants will not only make a room look better, but can function as an absorber of low frequencies and help diffuse high frequencies. Place them behind, to the sides of or even between your speakers for this absorption effect, or in each corner of the room for improved bass response, imaging and tonal balance. We recommend the Dracaena Palm for its low maintenance upkeep and tall, wide leaves.

Purchase a Dracaena Palm

We wish you luck with your holiday shopping endeavors — and hope at least one of these audio sommelier gifts becomes part of your collection.

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