7.1 ch - 770 total wattsHDMI 6/in 1/out 1.4a 3DHD GUI with text overlay

Each of the SR6005’s seven (7) amplifiers develops 110 continuous watts, sufficient power to produce undistorted sound from even the most demanding loudspeakers.  To make the most efficient use of that abundant power, you can fine-tune individual inputs so that volume doesn’t jump or decrease when you select a different source. As flexible as it is powerful, the SR6005 is possessed of an extraordinary range of capabilities:  limit ultimate volume to protect both ears and speakers, specify a turn-on volume, and adjust the mute level to best suit your preferences. All adjustments may be set independently for the Main Zone as well as Zone 2.

iPod/iPhone, USB and Bluetooth

The SR6005 isn’t limited to conventional physical media either.  Connect your iPod, iPhone, or USB Hard Disc Drive to the convenient, front panel USB jack, and iPad owners appreciate the optional RX101 Bluetooth receiver and M-XPort for easy, wireless access to their favorite music.

M-DAX Makes Compressed Audio Sound Better

Exclusive M-DAX processing restores the high frequency content often missing in compressed music files. The 3-position selector lets you choose just the right amount of processing to restore the often-missing high frequency content without adding distracting edginess.

HDMI 1.4a for 3D and Return Channel

The SR6005’s six (6) HDMI 1.4a inputs handle even the most comprehensive system effortlessly.  With Audio Return Channel, you don’t need a separate TV-to-receiver audio cable to enjoy room filling sound from a game console or streaming video source. Pass Through in standby mode, makes it simple to engage the audio system in the display for those times when you do not wish to engage the all the loudspeakers.

Surround Sound with Dolby Pro Logic IIx and More

Complementing the SR6005’s exceptional video capabilities is a full roster of audio modes.  Among them, you’ll find Dolby Pro Logic IIz, three Pro Logic IIx settings (movie, music, and games), and complementary dts modes such as Neo:6 (cinema and music).

You’ll also find dts Neural Surround and Dolby Virtual Speaker, both perfect for listening to two channel audio signals with the envelopment you’ve come to expect from surround sound sources.

In addition, the SR6005 brings you the benefits of Audyssey’s MultEQ that analyzes your room’s acoustic properties and corrects for them.  With MultEQ, you’ll always hear just what the artists and producers intended.

Upconverting Video Processing

Now you can upscale composite- and component-based legacy video sources such as videotapes to HDMI for display on your high definition TV.  If a non-HD source connects through HDMI, the SR6005 automatically scales that to the maximum resolution your screen can display.

Thanks to the SR6005’s advanced Anchor Bay video processor, past limitations on what you can enjoy and how you can enjoy it are just that – past.

You can adjust video parameters such as color, hue, noise reduction, and detail enhancement independently for each input and then lock these settings into memory.  You’ll always enjoy the best each source has to offer.

The on-screen display’s graphical user interface (GUI) now appears via HDMI for easy display on your main system screen.  And you can adjust the volume indicator’s location for minimal interference with the picture.

Dual Zone Capability

Not only can you rename the remote zone for easier identification, you can listen to a totally different source, too.  Enjoy Brahms in the bedroom while another family member shakes the walls in your theater room with Hollywood’s latest.

Custom input choices

The SR6005’s Input Skip function gets you to your favorite sources more quickly, streamlining your experience as you scroll through your system’s available source components.

Dual Subwoofer Outputs

Anyone who enjoys the impact of orchestral percussion or crash and bang of today’s action soundtracks will appreciate the bone-crushing dynamics provided by two subwoofers.  The7.2 channel SR6005 makes adding a second sub easy.

Adjustable Crossover for Every Loudspeaker

Choosing the right crossover frequency to send bass to a subwoofer and mid-/high-frequency information to your main speakers can make the difference between mediocre and truly stunning sound.  The SR6005 give you a choice of nine (9) frequencies to allow seamless sonic integration.  In addition, you can fine tune each speaker’s response to best fit its capabilities and your preferences.

Built in HD Radio with Sirius Option

Even the SR6005’s tuner is unusually flexible.  To begin with, the on-board HD Radio delivers HD-encoded FM stations that sound like CDs, and AM stations are as good as you used to expect from conventional FM broadcasts.

The Sirius-ready tuner (a Sirius receiver and subscription is required) give you the best of satellite radio.  And each of those 56 presets will store a Sirius channel in memory so you don’t have to look as a program guide to get maximum enjoyment.  There are 56 presets, too (seven groups of 8 frequencies each) so you can store all your favorites for easy listening.

Learning Remote with Backlight



In addition to the included hand-held remote controller, the SR6005’s RS-232C connector is fully Control4-certified for easy integration into almost any “whole house” system.  The rear panel flasher input and RC5 in/out jacks make the SR6005 completely compatible with legacy components from Marantz or other manufacturers.

Custom Install Items

The high current 12 volt “trigger” output means that the SR6005 can control many other items, too, from an external amplifier to a drapery motor.  And a detachable 2-pin IEC AC cord allows easy installation in confined space.  And don't forget the optional RMK6504SR rack mount kit.


Whatever you’re looking for – high definition video connectivity, superb sound quality, the latest surround formats, room correction, tuner flexibility – all packaged to complement your good taste whether it’s concealed in a cabinet or displayed on a shelf in your living room, the Marantz SR6005 answers almost every need you may have.  It’s yours to enjoy.  From Marantz.

For operational and technical assistance 24/7, use our self help Online Support Center, where answers to many common questions can be found.

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